::::::::: ART TECH MEDIA 06
:::::::::- Project

ART TECH MEDIA 06 is a Meeting of Artists, Museum Directors, Art Centres, Media Lab, Thinkers, Curators, Gallery owners, Collectors, Cultural Agents, Politicians and Society, in many cases, confused by the methods and concepts which are so different from the traditional ways of producing of art, its exhibition, collecting, and way of contemplating.

ART TECH MEDIA 06 was born with the intention of reflecting, analyzing and viewing art produced using new technologies in Spain within an international context, and the impact that our polyhedric altered reality has on their widespread use.

It will be developed in different sections: Lectures, Round Tables, official announcements for video artists from all over the world, and exhibitions in the participating venues.

- Aims
- Contributing to debate on art and new technologies.
- Democratizing culture in order to bring it closer to cities.
- Collaboration of Museums and Art Centres in the production of cultural events and exhibitions.
- Entering into the relationships between artists and the world of art.
- Exhibition selected from video art collections of the participating Museums, curators and official   announcements.
- Encouraging the participation of the public as an active agent.

- Edition of a book including the conclusions of debates, artists participating and data base.
- Distribution and presentation of this book in Universities and Art Centres.
- Development
1- Lectures and Round Table. They will be carried out in 2/3 days. These round table sessions will be composed of 10/12 people from different areas of culture and art, and they will be chaired by art critics and journalists. Every headquarters will discuss "visual art and new technologies", and two specific subjects.
2- Video Art screenings. Selection of works by Spanish and foreign artists from the collections of the participating venues, Art Futura, plus specific curators and Collections. This series of screenings will last a week, although each Museum could extend this proposal.
3- Artists on the Web. Official announcement on the Web for video artists and net-artists, all over the world.
4- Creation of a specific web page. Where announcing official calls, seeing net-art and video art works, following debates, etc.
5- Forum of debates via the Internet. You could take part in the debates live from any place in the world contributing subjects and opinions.
6.- Data base. Including addresses from artists, Museums, Foundations and Art Centres, curators, art galleries, etc. with the purpose of promoting the exchange of ideas and enabling reflection, production and exhibition of works of art.
7- Questionnaire. This will be prepared with subjects chosen to debate in these Meetings, and with the contributions of the public it will refer to important figures of international prestige, in order to place Spanish creation in a worldwide context.
8- Editions. Fliyers ad programs will be created for every venue, as well as a book including the most significant debates, artists, and Museums participating, and a data base. After the Congress it will be presented in relevant Universities and Centres.