We Are Not Amused

Here's a new topic for my Wednesday morning parent discussion group: How do you stop your two-year-old from referring to himself in the third person?

The first couple of times I heard him, I thought it was cute. Now it's irritating, and what is worse, I find myself doing it as well. All day I've listened to

The Governor wants another glass of milk.

The Governor wants you to read him another story.

The Governor had a poo-poo go awry. (He picked up that phrase from The VP during last week's stomach flu bout.)

The Governor will protect you from the bad guys.

The Governor doesn't like corn anymore.

And so forth. At one point I found myself saying, "The Mother doesn't like it when..."

Has he been tuning in the BBC when I haven't been watching? As far as I know, The Justice League doesn't have any British royalty among its members. I don't have a son anymore, I just have his press agent.

The Cathy will let you know if she happens upon a cure.