The Hustler

I've been suffering with a mild cold the last couple of days, and I have not felt much like running around the house playing "Superhero" with the boys. (I do a mean Hawk Girl.) My strength is sapped, as is my patience. So when The Governor started clinging to my legs yesterday, I pulled yet another brilliant parenting maneuver and hired The Senator to entertain his little brother.

I've done this before. Two dollars for one hour of uninterrupted peace and quiet. The Senator caters to The Gov's every whim, and The Gov basks in the glory of being in charge.

The Senator, however, has quickly figured out the true value of his services and is now trying to capitalize on it.

Listen, son, how would you like to earn some more money?

Sure, Mom. I like money.

Great. Me too. How about you play with The Gov for the next hour and keep him busy so I can rest?

Okay. But how much money do I get?

Two dollars. Same as last time.

But about five dollars?

Five?! No way. I don't have that much money. Two.



How about three?

I only have two dollars.

Mom, if you have two dollars, you can get three somewhere.

I was so proud, I almost gave him ten.