Ladies' Man?

Last night the Early Childhood Center in our school district held an open house to celebrate a new playground which was installed this summer. It's a fantastic playground; geared for the toddler through kindergarten set. I brought both boys and they had a good time checking out the new equipment.

Well, The Governor had a good time.

The Senator had a GREAT time. He ran into a preschool friend, Alice, from last year who is also in kindergarten this year but in a different class than his. Alice and her older sister chased The Senator around the playground and all over the equipment. And when she trapped The Senator in a dark corner, Alice kissed him.

Really? She really kissed you?

"Yeah, Mom. She did."

Did she kiss you on the cheek?

"Nope. The lips."

What did you do?

"I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and said, 'Ick.'"

I could only shake my head. In ten years, this girl is going to be a knockout, and he'll be lucky if she remembers his name.

After hearing of his little tryst on the playground, I had to confess that when I was in kindergarten, I chased a couple boys around the classroom and would pin them down and kiss them. Only I told my mom that I was the one getting chased. Mrs. Bailey cleared up that lie at the first parent-teacher conference, and I was no longer allowed to smooch the boys.

I had the obligatory, politically-correct little talk with The Senator about kissing and other forms of affection towards classmates. I'm willing to bet there are five or more paragraphs in the school handbook dedicated to this issue. Too bad. In my days, a simple, "You WILL NOT do that!" ended playground kissing until junior high.

Er, I mean college, Mom.