The Pile Of Apples In The Corner, Or Why My Living Room Looks Like A Canadian Border Checkpoint

I'm not a big believer in Feng Shui, but I must have an errant wastebasket in the Health Corner of our house. I can't seem to keep The Senator in top form.

We just finished with stomach flu a week ago. Yesterday he started with a cough and runny nose. Last night he sounded like a performing sea lion and around 10 p.m. I heard, "Mom! I threw up." I was tired, but those four words sent a bucket of cold water down the old spine. Did he get it all over his covers? Did he hit the floor? The wall? Did he think about using the trash can? Did he leave a trail on the way to the bathroom? Oh, he okay?

He was okay. He was better than okay. He was my hero. He threw up in an empty wastebasket!

Well, it is universally recognized by child experts everywhere that good behavior should be rewarded. So The Senator and I stayed up until midnight drinking juice and watching classic Woody Woodpecker cartoons.

Today he seems a bit better, although we decided not to gamble on finding an empty wastebasket at school. Thanks to over-the-counter elixirs, his cough has been subdued. (God bless Celltech Pharmaceuticals, makers of the 12 hour cough relief syrup, Delsym.)

I'm now going upstairs to move some chairs and pile fruit in the northeast corner of the house. If that happens to be the Sexuality Corner, please, nobody tell me.